COVID-19 Presents Challenges in Local Communities

COVID-19, Coronavirus- Corona- ‘Rona, Zoom, Google Meets, remote work– these have become the words of 2020. In what has become our new normal, we have had to learn and adapt to the ever evolving changes that are occurring daily, not just in our personal lives but also in the business world. Adaptation has become a part of 2020 and it is being seen more and more in the world of non-profits. Many of the local agencies and non-profits have shifted the way that are conducting business and serving people. For example, the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico has, through trial and error, streamlined the process so that they are able to serve clients through weekly food distributions in Clovis and twice monthly in Portales. They have surpassed a record in the amount of meals/food that they have been able to serve to folks in need. On the flip, the Girl Scouts have worked to transition from troops meeting in person to implementing programs online for the girls to participate in. For us, we’ve rolled with the punches and have learned how to fundraise online, host WIN luncheons, assist other agencies, share information all while continuing to serve clients and deal with the increase in those that are needing help due to the current pandemic. For other agencies, such as the Meals on Wheels programs, they are continuing to meet with clients and ensure that their nutritional needs are being met and they are getting meals daily. This is just a handful of the agencies that are operating in the local communities and who are and continue to be on the frontlines serving and assisting those with needs. Minute but minute, step by step, day by day, we will continue to serve the communities and help those in need. It’s who we are and what we do and will continue to do.