Volunteer Action Center

United Way of Eastern New Mexico realizes that every organization across our community plays a vital role in transforming families. These organizations utilize volunteer power to change lives. To do the work and affect more lives--they just need more. More volunteers.

What we needed was an easy way to connect people and projects.

That is why United Way of Eastern New Mexico created the Volunteer Action Center in November 2015 with a grant from Cummins Foundation.

Volunteer Action Center (VAC) creates change with two key assets: our website - www.VolunteerENM.org and our Volunteer Center Coordinator - Casey Peacock. By coaching local non-profits and encouraging local volunteers to get the most out of our website, we are energizing our local community to address more needs and provide more vital services. For help using VolunteerENM.org feel free to call Casey at 575-769-2103.

Since that time, over 1200 volunteers have utilized our web portal and contributed over 12,000 hours to our local community projects at 90+ agencies. www.VolunteerENM.org is how our local people can readily “Respond” to “Volunteer Needs” doing valuable and needed work in our communities of Clovis and Portales.

The website is FREE for local organizations to use to connect and communicate with volunteers. (Agencies can sign up by clicking here.)

People who go to the website and create a profile get "Volunteer Needs" delivered to their Inbox based on their preferences, they quickly and easily "Respond" to needs, get reminders that their projects are approaching, and after they have "given back" they can track all their hours --even print out a Resume of projects they have worked on. And of course, it is FREE to them too!

Visit our site and connect with your community today!

Made possible by

 Cummins Gas Engine-Clovis NM and Cummins Foundation