Long Way to Fully Fund 2021

$550K in donations is what is needed to make possible the grants, programs and services of UWENM for 2021. Due to the highly disruptive 2020, we may not achieve that level this year. With so many families struggling and so many people feeling overwhelmed and anxious for the future, it has been a tough year for giving. We are anticipating a 25% shortfall or more.
We know the people of our community are generous and caring, as evidenced by how we have seen appreciation for our teachers, rallied around our small businesses, and demonstrated gratitude to medical personnel and first responders. We would ask that all those who would normally give to United Way consider doing so now to provide for the needs of 2021. 
Truly every gift counts and makes a difference for your neighbors. And giving a little at a time can be the MOST POWERFUL thing, please consider a recurring gift-monthly or quarterly or (of course) per pay period to support vital services all year long.