Feeding the Community

Feeding families in the local area is something that many organizations in the local area have always done and continue to do so despite the challenges of a pandemic. One such organization is the Food Bank of Eastern New Mexico who has been feeding families in the local areas for more than 20 years. In recently speaking with Dianna Sprague, Executive Director of FBENM, she reported that they have served over 16,000 households since January, with volume increasing since the onset of the pandemic. The organization works to serve clients three times per week in the Clovis and twice monthly in Portales. Just in August, 1700 families were served, which was a higher amount than those served in March and April. With a high client volume, the food bank reaches out to the community for volunteers to come in and help build food boxes as well as to distribute food on distribution days. “We’ve had a huge demand and we wouldn’t be able to answer to that demand without volunteers”, Sprague stated. As the pandemic continues, Sprague stated that the need for volunteers continues. Since the onset of COVID-19, over 500 folks have volunteered their time to assist the food bank.

Serving the community in another way are the Meals on Wheels programs in both Clovis and Portales. Both organizations serve clients 365 days per year and are able to meet the nutritional needs of clients who may have dietary restrictions, such as diabetic, renal and heart healthy. As with the food bank, Meals on Wheels rely on volunteers to help in delivering the meals. Joy Chavez, director of the Clovis program, reported that 87n volunteers had logged over 140 hours in the month of August.

Other local organizations that work to feed folks in the community include; Matt 25 Hope Center, the Lighthouse Mission and the Salvation Army, all located in Clovis and the Community Services Center located in Portales. Volunteers are always needed to assist in helping to feed the community. For more details or to find a volunteer opportunity, please visit www.volunteerenm.org.